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Journal of Design, Management, and Sciences is one of the premier Peer Review journals which is designed to provide the platform for all researchers dealing in all aspects of design, sciences, engineering, economics, and management around the globe catering to specific needs of industry and cross-linking the researchers with the solution orientation. 

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Welcome Message

Dear writers and readers, I would like to welcome you all with us and share some of the vision we intend to bring into our journal.

The origin and intentionality behind our name is a representation of sciences engineering, textiles, and designs alongside management.

Our mission is to bring the researchers to a platform and help them with getting their research work acknowledged by reaching out to maximum readers. Entries for print publication are feature-length pieces (many mediums accepted and encouraged) and are scrutinized to a higher degree. Our published journal would welcome you from any region, race, or nationality purely based on your work and the importance of research. We see our platform as a sacred space of researcher’s voices, and thus, view that it is our responsibility to highlight the diversity across the globe in various fields and to use our platform as a space of learning. Our intention is to host a platform for the world's finest brains to share their researches, case studies, and creative works. That is why we exist.

As a textile, engineering, and design journal, we would like to be as transparent as possible. For this reason, we gladly welcome any comments and critiques you may have as a reader. Letters to the editor are also highly encouraged and will be considered for publication on our website or in print.

I am elated to be furthering the mission of our journal and read your wonderful research.  

Have a great time with us

The Team (Journal of Design, Management and Sciences /JDMS)

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