Journal of Design, Management and Sciences (DMS)

Journal of Design, Management, and Sciences is one of the premier Peer Review journals which is designed to provide the platform for all researchers dealing in all aspects of design, sciences, engineering, economics, and management around the globe catering to specific needs of industry and cross-linking the researchers with the solution orientation.  The Journal will publish 3 editions in a year along with one special publication for leading conferences as proceedings. Journal will also add editorials of renowned Experts from the field of Design, Textiles, Fashion, Industry, Academia, etc.

The Journal shall serve all the authors and subscribers across the globe and shall be taking premier responsibility of selection of contributors purely on the basis of merit, novelty and originality.

Aims and Scope:

The journal publishes impactful research that shapes the discipline.  It ensures that readers enhance their understanding of issues
affecting their domains, through the latest research evidence and current best practices.

Design (Fashion, Textile, Jewelry, Furniture, Interior)

Management( Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Product Development, Marketing, Quality management tools, Supply Chain, Merchandizing , Retailing )

Sciences (All Engineering disciplines, Technologies, Materials and Polymers)

    • Instructions for Authors
    • Types of paper
    • (a) Research Papers: these papers are fully documented, interpreted accounts of significant findings of original research. Authors should aim for no more than eight figures per paper. Any non-essential figures can be included in the Supplementary Material (see Supplementary Material section below). Papers not conforming to these guidelines may be rejected, at the Editor's discretion.
    • (b) Review Papers: these are critical and comprehensive reviews that provide new insights or interpretation of a subject through thorough and systematic evaluation of available evidence. We would not expect to receive a review paper that is shorter than 3000 words.
    • (c) Mini Review: these are short, timely articles that summarize recent developments in a field without providing an exhaustive review of all the literature. We encourage Mini-Reviews which propose provocative new ideas or which challenge currently accepted opinions. We would expect a Mini Review to be around 2000 words. Section headings should be short and informative. No more than four figures should be included.
    • (d) Commentaries should normally take the form of a ‘letter’ and present significant comments or questions about a work published in the Journal. A commentary would normally include substantiated disagreement with, or alternative interpretation of, one or more aspects of a paper. It would also normally discuss associated implications for the conclusions reached. Commentaries should be received within 3 months of the publication date of the paper on which they comment. Authors of potential discussions are encouraged to enter into communication with the Editor-in-Chief before preparation or submission of text. While there is no word limit, commentaries should be brief and tightly focused. A commentary, if accepted, will normally be shared with the authors of the paper concerned who will be provided opportunity to respond.
    • If needed, a template on how to format your paper can be found here.
    • Ethics in publishing
    • You will be required to accept the JODMS research Ethics Statement for Authors when you submit your paper to the journal. The statement covers authorship, originality and conflicts of interest. Please read this statement to ensure your submission complies.
    • Note that conference proceedings are a form of publication.
    • To verify originality, your article may be checked by the originality detection service CrossCheck.
    • Changes to authorship
    • If you wish to add, delete or rearrange the authors of your accepted paper:
    • Before online publication: The corresponding author should contact the Journals Manager, and provide (a) the reason for the change, and (b) the written consent of all co-authors, including the authors being added or removed. Please note that your paper will not be published until the changes have been agreed.
    • After online publication: Any requests to add, delete, or rearrange author names in an article published in an online issue will follow the same policies as noted above and result in a corrigendum.
    • Copyright
    • If your paper is selected for publication you will be expected to sign our copyright assignment form. Where necessary you must obtain permission to publish material protected by copyright. Provision is made on the form for work performed for the United States Government (for which Copyright cannot be assigned) and other extenuating circumstances.
    • For open access articles: Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to complete an 'Exclusive Licence Agreement' (for more information see our Rights and Permissions page). Permitted third party reuse of open access articles is determined by the author's choice of user licence. More information is available on our Open Access page.
    • Author rights
    • For the rights of the author to reuse your work, please refer to the Rights and Permissions page.
    • Role of the funding source
    • You are requested to identify who provided financial support for the conduct of the research and/or preparation of the article and to briefly describe the role of the sponsor(s), if any, in study design; in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data; in the writing of the report; and in the decision to submit the article for publication. If the funding source(s) had no such involvement then this should be stated.

Patron in Chief: Prof. Dr. Allah dad
Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. Hafsa Jamshaid

  • Professor Dr.Solu Nair. VC, Binary University Malaysia

    Pibo Ma, PhD, Professor for Textile Science & Engineering   ,College of Textile Science and Engineering, Jiangnan University, China.

    Professor Dr. OoYu Hock, Asia e University Malaysia

    Professor Dr. Asif M.Karim, Dean BGS Binary University, Malaysia

    Professor,Rajesh Mishra, PhD, Department of Material Science and Manufacturing Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Czech University of Life Sciences ,Prague (CZU)

    Professor Michal Petru  Design and machine parts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Liberec CZU.

    Professor Umber Xahid , Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Pakistan

    Professor Dr.Nabeel Ameen, University of Leeds UK

    Professor Usman Zahid, Architect, National College of Arts , Pakistan

    Professor Dr. Saluakaudin, Dean TIF, Uzbekistan

    Mr.Sajid Naqvi, Data Science Expert

    Publishing Team

    Ms. Mehwish Arsalan. Media and Publication

    Professor Naveed Akhtar. Academic Writing Expert


    Mr. Huzaifa ( Web Manager)

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