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Dr Oo Yu Hock


Dr Oo Yu Hock is Kedah-bred, Kuala Lumpur-nurtured and USA-matured Malaysian who was a teacher trained by Ministry of Education Malayan Teachers College, and graduated with a first degree from the University of Malaya. His life-journey has shaped his values since becoming a Ford Foundation Fellow, Fulbright Scholar and the American Council of Learned Society Scholar which enabled him to complete two Master degrees in Public Administration and Education, and a PhD in Public Administration in mid 1970s. His American alma mater includes the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California and the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.

Dr Oo is a multi-discipline and multi-task academician-consultant. His PhD degree in Public Policy focuses on affirmative actions and race relations; his Master of Science in Education focuses on the Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education

His consultancy experiences include some Government ministries such as the early MAMPU, MOHLG, and MoE, private sector organizations such as SIME DARBY, IBBM (now AICB: Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers) and MAS; local universities such as UKM and UUM (SLAB for Bumiputra lecturers), and overseas universities such as UE (twinning programmes), TSU-Troy State University and University of Western Sidney Australia (graduate degree programs

Until today, Dr. Oo acts as a supervisor, reader, and examiner of a menu of subject-doctoral (Ph.D. and DBA) and Masters (MBA, MHRM, MIM, and others) degrees candidates in Asia Pacific University (APU), Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship (BU), and Asia e University (AeU) in Kuala Lumpur. As and when needed, he is called upon to advise on the ‘education of business’ and the ‘business of education’ including counseling, concept and content development, strategic policy and marketing implementation, and multi-tasking participant of active e-conferences and subsequent joint publications such as GARA International since mid-year 2020