Contact Information

Dr. Rajesh Mishra

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic

Dr. Rajesh Mishra works at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic. His research areas are nanomaterials and nano-textiles, textile structural composites, green composites, nanocomposites, biomechanical engineering of fibrous structures, thermo-mechanical characterization of materials, etc. He has about 165 publications in international journals and about 270 presentations in international conferences. He has H index 21 on Web of Science and 24 on Scopus. His teaching and research activities include subjects based on nanotechnology, bio-materials, structural mechanics of fibrous structures in general, and 3D woven structures in particular, textile quality characterization, engineering of textile structures, biomechanics of apparel textiles, etc. He is responsible for internationals students’ education and research at the faculty of engineering. To date, he has successfully guided 5 Ph.D. candidates leading to the award of title. The graduates are highly placed in academia and industry around the world. At present, a few more are continuing research in leading areas of technology. He has also developed educational and research cooperation with many organizations around the globe.